Friendly Front Yard Fort

Moving Line Studio is proud to be a part of the 1st Annual Friendly Front Yard Festival! We are inviting people from the neighborhood to come and help build and paint a kid-sized fort for the front yard. 

The event is happening on Sunday, September 18th from 2 - 5pm in Moving Line Studio's front yard (884 Charles Avenue, St. Paul).

For more information you can visit

Updated Website.

We've been working on the website for the past month or so and we're getting close to finishing it up. We added a few new pages, but the biggest update has to be the addition of the photographs.

We worked with our friend Benny from Helios Photography, to capture some imagery of Lara the owner and some students in action. Benny's photography work is great and we're really happy with the shots he took. Benny does great work. Hire him. This is his website: